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I finally made it!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


Well, I made it. A little late to the party perhaps, but still dolled up and ready to dance. Of course, Sugoll’s been strutting his stuff already, but what can I say – he’s faster at doing his make-up then I am :P

So, where to start with my first post?

Top of my priority list at the moment is NaNoWrimo.  This is a writing challenge, with a target of writing 50K words between the 1st and 30th November. You can write about anything you like – as long as you write. The internal editor gets turned off, it doesn’t matter if you splurge rubbish on the page where you’d normally agonize for hours over the best way to describe a scene. Reading, revising, restructuring all come after the end of November, when you’ve hopefully got the shiny little badge that says “winner”.

This event gets bigger and bigger every year, and has a great community spirit – there’s support and inspirational ideas for meeting your goal in the official forums, plus local “write-ins” where you can meet up with other local participants, and “word wars” – where you battle with others to try and write the most in a set amount of time.

I promised myself 2010 would be the year I complete the challenge – I’ve known about the event since 2007, but every November since has been a complete wash-out. Unfortunately, between the wedding, and some unforeseen overtime, it looks like I might hit the same problems again, at least at the start of the month. I’m already more than a week behind (and it’s only the 9th!), and haven’t yet even sketched out how my idea is going to evolve. Some people can just sit down and the words will flow – and I can do this with short pieces – but I think for a project of this size I need some guidelines.

Luckily, I’ve found a great community of writers on the Kelley Armstrong forums who share advice and experiences freely – including Kelley herself. I’m more of a lurker than a contributor at the moment – but they’re a very welcoming bunch. I’m going to be using the advice they give – which includes a series of articles written by Kelley Armstrong to help get people started with plot line and character development – to kick start my first real attempt at completing NaNo. Hopefully, the next time I post, it will be to show some progress, and run through some of the highs and lows I know are on the way.