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2011 Reading Challenges – an update

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

It’s October – and we’re just past the 9 month mark for this years BCC Reading Challenges. Time flies a little too quickly when you’re having reading (and gaming) fun, so I’m a bit behind where I’d hoped to be.

I’ve tagged the books listed below with a rough indication of which challenge they apply to:  G is the General 100 books challenge, H is for the 24 Horror/Urban Fantasy Books challenge, and M is for the 12 Mystery/Suspense books challenge.


Cornelia Funke – The Inkheart Series (just book 1 and 2):

Inkheart and Inkspell  (G 1 & 2)


Richelle Mead –   Vampire Academy Series (6 books):

Vampire Academy,  Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice.

(G 3 to 8 , H 1 to 6).


Stephanie Meyer – The short second life of Bree Tanner. (G 9, H 7 )


Kelley Armstrong – The Darkest Powers Trilogy:

The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning (G 10 to 12, H 8 to 10)


Steven King - The Stand, Hearts in Atlantis, Insomnia, and Under The Dome (G 13 to 16, H 11 to 14)


Douglas Adams – Dirk Gently Series books 1 and 2:

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul. (G 17 and 18, M 1 and 2)


Kristin Cashore – Graceling (Seven Kingdoms Trilogy Book 1). (G 19, H 15)


Lincoln Preston – Pendergast Series Books 1 and 2:

Relic, and Reliquary (G 20 and 21, H 16 and 17, M 3 and 4)


Karin Slaughter – Grant Country Series 1 – 4:

Blindsighted, Kisscut, A Faint Cold Fear, and Indelible. (G 22 to 25, M 5 to 8 )


LJ Smith –  The Secret Circle Series:

The Initiation, The Captive, and The Power. (G 26 to 28).


Maggie Furey – Artifacts of Power Series:

Aurian, Harp of Winds, The Sword of Flame, and Dhiammara (G 29 to 32)


Anne McAffrey – The Acorna Series books 1 to 5 (with Margaret Ball and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

Acorna, Acorna’s Quest, Acorna’s People, Acorna’s World, and Acorna’s Search. (G 33 to 37)


David Eddings – The Mallorean Series (books 1 and 2 so far):

Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos. (G 38 and 39)


So, my current stats are 39 /100 read for the main challenge, 17/24 for the Horror and Urban Fantasy challenge, and 8/12 for the Mystery and Suspense Challenge.  With three months still to go, I don’t see any problem with completing the two smaller challenges, but the full 100 books is looking quite out of reach. Still, if I could hit the 60 mark, this would still be a big improvement over last year!

Anyone else doing the challenge? How are you getting on?


Happy Reading :D


A Reading Challenge

Monday, January 10th, 2011

I’ve always loved reading. I come from a family of bookworms, and started devouring books  at an early age. So when I saw the post on Falcata Times about the reading challenges at Book Chick City, it caught my interest straight away.

There are three challenges – read 100 books, read 12 Mystery/Suspense books, and read 24 Horror/Urban Fantasy novels, each by the end of 2011. You can combine these, so the 12/24 genre specific books will contribute towards the 100 book challenge. For more details, I’ve included slinkies below, or you can use the Challenge adverts shown on the side bar.

100 Books in 2011

12 Mystery/Suspense Books in 2011

24 Horror / Urban Fantasy Books in 2011.

Averaging out at two books per week, this may prove tricky, and is definitely contrary to my “get more fresh air” goal for this year! However I can see a great deal of enjoyment coming from this. There is also the opportunity to post reviews, so it will also be interesting to see what other participants are reading.

There is also a Stephen King Challenge which I may sign up for – I only re-read the Dark Tower series a couple of months ago, otherwise this challenge would have been perfect – but a reshuffle of my TBR list just might give me the minimum six books to have a go.

So, anyone else joining in?