This blog was created as a place for us to track and share our regular activities with friends and family (or anyone else that may pass by).  This will primarily be the games that we play and the people we meet online.

Hope you enjoy.

Sugoll and Ame Mythbeast

A Little About Us:

Sugoll has been playing games since he built his first Sinclair ZX80, and has tried most of the gaming genres. Most of his game-time is currently spent racing around the various campaigns of Guild Wars, but he also takes time out for a bit of Minecraft, Left4Dead1/2, and the ever popular TF2.

Ame has loved reading for as long as she can remember, and was always making up stories as a child. Inspired by her favourite authors and the great community at the Otherworld forums (where she mainly lurks, but promises some day to contribute), she’s decided it time to let some of her ideas out, and see where they take her. Complementing this (and providing even more ideas) is a love of gaming – which she discovered when Sugoll dragged her away from the frustrating world of “But that jump is impossible!” console platformers and introduced her to the wonders of the RTS, RPG and FPS genres. She has been addicted ever since.

Last modified on November 8, 2010