Birthdays Rock!!

Posted by on October 1, 2011

Just a quick post birthday update to explain where all my spare time is going…

I have a number of new games now to play, which is usually the situation at this time of year when I have no idea what to spend my Birthday money on.  I may have too many games, time will tell.

As well as my old fave lotro I have the new space marine mentioned in a previous post.  I also bought a copy of Aliens V Predator (on steam for less than £4, as one of my friends said the other day it would be rude not to buy it). This is turning out to be great fun particularly for the price.

I pre-ordered Star wars the old republic as well, but will have to wait till the end of the year for that one. I also re-bought (on steam as I couldn’t find the disk) Knights of the Old Republic, just to refresh myself with the old republic universe.

The cheapest of my new games is Vindictus, which was totally free to download and play. Woot!. I’ve been waiting all year to play this and its not disappointing me, I havn’t played anything else since I downloaded it.

Quick vid to show what its like:

Who knows which of my current batch of games is going to attract most of my time between now and the Star Wars release… I can’t call it at the moment.




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