Space Marine has landed

Posted by on September 22, 2011

Back in December 2010 I had Space Marine on my Games Watch and now its finally landed.

I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now and I’m absolutely loving it.  Its mix of melee and ranged fighting is so much fun I have found it very difficult to put it down.

The game comes with a great campaign with just the right mix of fighting and story, but the big surprise for me is how much fun I’m having in the multi player.

It has two modes, a simple death match mode and a capture the flag mode like TF2. Both of the modes are 8v8, but the teams are shuffled after every round, so if your team gets pwned one round then the next is usually a different story.

The death match is a simple first to 41 kills, very simple but so much fun when tension (and the ingame music) builds as one of the teams gets near to 41. I’m not the best when it comes to reaction shooters, but even with my limited skills I find that I’m contributing to the overall team score nicely and seldom do I feel like the complete noob that I am. :)

The “capture the control flag” mode uses the same maps as the deathmatch but adds three or four capture areas that when taken over give your team a point boosts these point boosts add up untill one team reaches 1000.  The more capture areas you have under your control the faster your points go up.  Again, nice and simple, but very effective in building tension.

In both modes your online persona gains XP for kills, capturing points and earning achievements these XP points add up until you level up.  After every level you gain rewards to make yourself tougher and inprove your weapons.

On top of all this I understand we will be getting a co-op survival mode too in a few weeks, which also sounds like great fun.

Looking at my current play stats Space Marine is not far behind lotro, so its really capturing my attention at the moment.

Myth. :D

PS. Just prior to getting my hands on Space Marine I downloaded Deux Ex, but its not captured my attention and is currently on my digital shelf gathering dust.

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