Pure Hearts

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Pure Hearts

Pure Heart

How long has it been since my last update. Time is flying by as both myself and Ame pile hundreds of hours into Lotro. (At time of writing this 1150 hours for me, which is by far my most played game of all time)

Where can I start in describing this awesome game, made more awesome by the great friends we have made.

Here are some of the friends we made in our early days in the Pure Hearts Kin:


I think its fair to say that the increase of awesomeness started around mid May when a fairly normal request of help in evendim from a player called “Steviethesolid” transformed our normal two player gameplay into an amazing mix of 3/6 and even 12 person instances.

Ame and I always felt that instances were beyond our reach, both from a class dedication point of view and also from a skills perspective. We thought that these “raiders” were a bunch of elite gamers and we would never aspire to these giddy heights in our lifetime.

How wrong we were…

So as I was saying, Stevie was asking for some help with her “solid” guardian in Evendim and Ame and I joined her for a few sessions getting to know her and really enjoying the light questing.  During this time we continued to level our characters from their early 40′s until their early 50′s, totally oblivious of what was in store.

As Ame hit 54 on her Lore Master and I hit 52 on my Rune Keeper we were invited by Stevie’s partner Ebron (Ebs) to the “Grand Stairs” Instance.  I hope Ebs wont mind me saying but when it comes to running instances he is soooo patient and is able to not only guide the team but make everyone feel like they are doing a great job.  This type of organisation and patience is a rare skill and something that should not be overlooked. Had it not been for Ebs I’m not sure we would have ever had the confidence to get started down this road.

From the Grand Stairs we then made our way through many instances, mostly run by Ebs, but with a few run by another good friend Lestat.  For the following three months we started to learn our classes much better and are now completely hooked on the whole “End Game”, little did we realise that grouping with friends at max level could be so entertaining.

I’m sure we will continue to group with friends in the future in lotro and hopefully in the upcoming Star Wars MMO (separate post on that to follow).

Hopefully it wont be so long between posts next time.

Myth. :D





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