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Mispronunciations in Middle Earth

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

During my time in lotro I have had heard quite a few mispronunciations.  I would defy anyone to name all of the places in Forochel correctly, but a couple of the mispronunciations were amusing and kinda stuck and have been used as a re-occurring joke between us.

Here is a couple from Nixie and X, there will probably be more before we are finished.


The Eglain from the lone lands was one mispronounced by Nixie as Egg land (where the Egglain live).  From then on it has foreever been known as Eggland…

Nixie in Eggland

Nixie in Eggland



The Mathoms are prized hobbit trinkets and are used to hand in for reputation in the Shire. X once said Mammoths and we never let him forget it. :)

X hands in Rep

X hands in Rep

Maybe these things are only funny amongst our close online friends, but still worth a post as it will be something for us to remember later down the line. :)

Sugoll. :D