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Posted by on June 12, 2011

Those who know Ame and I will know that several weeks ago we joined the awesome Kin “Pure Heart” on the Eldar server.  It took us months to decide which kin to join as we wanted to make the right decision from the start and not be hopping from Kin to Kin till we found our home.

We have been very happy with our choice and even more so now that we have attended our first Kin Party.  So on to the events of the “Pure Heart Party 5th June 2011″, the start of the event was for us all to meet in the Green Dragon pub in Bywater.  It was all very exciting as we sampled the local beers available behind the bar, but also the delights handed out by our very own Ame and Avaldur (who for most of the event was indulging in some entertaining cross dressing, screen shots to follow).  I didn’t get any shots of the early parts of the party due to (in the words of the old guy from the fast show) being “very very drunk”…

The first event was to try and track down Avaldur on his way to Michel Delving. He was given a couple of minutes head start and then we all set off from the pub. After searching the coutryside for a few minutes we were given the happy news that Ame had won the first event… Gratz Ame, I was miles away my this time. :(  We then had a few hide and seek rounds and a drunken conga line back to Bywater, which was pretty amazing.

We then ended up with trying to get to the top of the prancing pony.  I made it by jumping up the hill at a certain angle, but it took about fifty attempts. Oh my. We must have been quite a sight to see at this point as we had somewhere in the region of 20-30 of us stampeding through the streets of Bree.  The next task was to get to the top of the Aution House in South Bree. Which involved a series of dangerous jumps and tightrope walks, but eventually after about half an hours perseverance I made it:

Beer with a view

Beer with a view

After enjoying a beer I tried to find a safe way down, easier said than done:

Hellooo down there

Hellooo down there

We then gathered around the campfire to tell tall tales and listen to some rousing music:

Campfire Shenanigans

Campfire Shenanigans




We then had another music session in the Mess hall and then another in the Kin house before eventually moving on to a mad game of Freezetag.  The freezetag was so muchy fun I actually forgot to take screenshots, we had a great laugh and will be looking forward to other events like this in the future.

Hats off to Elithwen, Avaldur and the other Pure Heart leaders for an amazing evenings fun.  Lets hope we have many more in the future.

Myth. :D



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