Feeling a little homesick….

Posted by on June 2, 2011

It’s never easy being away from home. It’s the little things you miss the most – doing farm chores with friends…

Chasing Chickens

Chasing Chickens


stargazing on a clear night….

Night Sky Over Rivendell

Night Sky Over Rivendell



bumping into very large dragons….

A Very Large Dragon

Eeek! That's a Big Dragon



Ok – maybe not that last one! But even with the possibility of being barbecued, Middle Earth’s still a wondrous place. And although two days away isn’t that long, it’s still enough time to start missing friends, kinnies and all the adventures you can have there.

Still, there is good news. The plucky hobbits of the Quick Post have been scurrying back and forth with updates, and it seems that the move is going well. With any luck, the servers will be back up by the weekend and we can get back to making our name amongst the peoples of Middle Earth.

Brave Adventurers

Brave Adventurers



So – anyone else missing LOTRO?

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