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Expect the Unexpected

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Before I get started I would just like to throw out some excuses for why I haven’t been updating regularly.  I have had two massive pulls on my time over the last couple of months and these things combined have wiped the floor with all other things in my life.  The first is work, which has been particularly intense and the second is the reason for the post.

I was fully expecting to be playing Star Trek at the beginning of 2011.  I had re-subscribed and spent the first part of January loving the game, the changes that had been made were great and I was back in the zone.

Then as the title of this posts suggests the unexpected was around the corner.  I started to dabble a bit further with “The Lord of the Rings Online” (forever to be referred to as lotro)  and to my surprise I found myself logging in early in a morning, late at night and (as is always the case when a game consumes me) dreaming about it.

I had to ask myself why it was having this affect on me. I played it at the back end of 2010 and although it was good I would not have considered it a game to subscribe to.  It was free so I thought there was no harm in trying, but didnt feel it had the Guild Wars or Star Trek appeal. Maybe I was too settled in my Guild Wars ways and that once I got out of the habit of guild wars, lotro just clicked, I’m not sure what it was but for the last couple of months (or so) I have done nothing but work, sleep and lotro.

Lotro has even started to invade my once a day habit of watching some sort of TV series (currently Series 3 of Farscape) I’ve found myself thinking I have half an hour free shall I watch the next episode or potter along with a bit of crafting and to my complete surprise I’m going with crafting…

What makes this even more surprising is that in all other games I’ve played I found crafting to be tedious and in the words of Austin Powers “Not my Bag Baby”.  However in Lotro I find it to be a relaxing and rewarding pastime.  The other thing thats different about lotro is the number of alts I have felt inclined to make.  Here they all are as at 18th March 2011:

  • Level 28 Dwarf Rune-Keeper
  • Level 28 Human Minstrel
  • Level 24 Elf Lore-Master
  • Level 18 Dwarf Champion
  • Level 13 Hobbit Hunter

I will try and explain why I have this many alts and also the thinking behind them.  My first character was the Lore-master as I felt that after my totally enjoyable DPS’ing with the Necromancer in Guild Wars I might be becoming a primary DPS player.  I also thought in contrast to that I would create myself a Champion and see how the Melee DPS compared to the Ranged DPS.

I really tried to get in tune with the Melee character, but I was playing him in a group and found that I was running around trying to get hits in whilst the DPS’ers pulled all the mobs (this was not much fun at all).  I then tried him as a  solo character, but found the lack of healing and losing the ability to pull the enemy I wanted to me was limiting my gameplay, so I stopped playing him at level 18 and I can’t see me bringing him back out any time soon.

The Lore-Master was going great, I wanted a character that I could put to one side and play with my regular Wednesday night group (Mango, X and Ame) and this fella was turning out to be it.  I was really enjoying the pet dynamics too.  Then, like the sun coming over the horizon I re-discovered my love for primary healing characters.  How could I have forgotten the hundreds of hours playing as a TF2 medic and the joy it used to bring. How could I have forgotton my amazing Runepriest in Warhammer online… Doh!!!

Medic and Runepriest

Medic and Runepriest

So my minstrel was born into the lotro world and he quickly caught up and passed all my other characters getting to level 25 extremely fast.  At the back of my mind I actually wanted to try out the Rune-Keeper, but seeing as he was in an expansion and I still wasn’t sure if lotro was going to be my primary game I carried on with the Minstel.  I managed to resist the temptation for quite a few weeks, but eventually gave in and bought Moria expansion and rolled my Rune-Keeper and I was not disappointed.  Within two weeks he had caught up to my Minstrel and he has now become my main.  I’m using him for Solo play and Duo play with Ame, but also for group play with the usual Wednesday night crew.

Loving the Lotro and hopefully I can spare a bit of levelling time now to doing some blogging about it.