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Posted by on January 18, 2011

When I put together my 2010 review I was pondering over why I had given up playing Star Trek Online.  It was such a thrill to fly around in various cool looking spaceships engaging with Klingons and Borg I had to think hard about what it was that caused me to leave it.  As soon as it sank in that the reason was that there wasnt enough content and that in the 9 months I had been away that the content had increased there seemed little option but to consider a re-subscription.

I was right in the middle of my deliberations (changing main game for me is a big step and one not to be taken lightly) and I read the quick years summary from Brian over at Blue Kae.  That review talking about the user generated content and the added sector areas meant it was at least worth a months subscription to check out what has changed.

I was not disappointed to find everything I loved about the old game, but with more things to do, so for now I’m absolutely loving it.  Really love the look of the new sector space without the grid:

When I saw this video I was also reminded that STO allows you to overlay your own music over the game using the in built music player, so I could play my extensive drum and bass collection whilst cleansing the universe of evil aliens.

So based on playing whatever takes my fancy on an evening I seem to be well and truly back in my spaceship.  In the last week I’ve played STO more than twice as much as anything else, even though I played a long Sunday session of Lotro with Ame and my good friend Mango.

Can’t wait for the user generated “foundry” content to release onto the live server, this could take sto in a totally new direction.


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