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Posted by on November 3, 2010

Well we have been rather busy over the last couple of weeks what with getting married and everything.  Married life is awesome and now we can officially call ourselves Mr and Mrs Mythbeast. Woohoo!!

The hardest part of the whole marriage experience was the time away from our keyboards.  The last time we were away for that length of time would be counted in years rather than months (GULP!!).

It was actually very nice to get back home and sit down and get in some gaming together.  It was very interesting to note that I have played Guild Wars almost exclusively since my return from hols.  So although Minecraft is very very addictive I don’t think it will ever replace my Guild Wars. :) The thing about Minecraft is that once you start playing its very difficult to stop, but if you can resist starting a project within it you can hold off quite easily.

Anyway, back to what I have been doing with games over the last few days since returning.

I’ve had the sudden urge to make significant progress with the Skill Hunter title track.  So as with most things when I want to track progress I created a spreadsheet.  This started as a simple list and then grew into a fully filterable and self totalling monster.

I also decided to add Ame’s progress into this and before I knew where I was I had a competition on my hands. (Again, it goes without saying that I am in no way competitive in my gaming. Ahem!).

Here is where we are at the moment. I will update on progress as we near the titles.

Who iz winning...

PS. Just noticed that I have missed a Canthan skill somewhere… Will need to do an Audit to find out where that has gone.


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