Games Watch #1

Posted by on October 7, 2010

Welcome to the first episode of Games Watch.  This will be a regular feature of the blog and contain the games that have not yet been released but have caught our eye.


I’m really excited by the potential of this game.  This is an action RPG game that’s built upon the “Source Engine” from Valve.  Its a free to download and free to play MMO, but unlike other MMO’s its engine is very action oriented, so this means fast paced combat and destructible scenery.

If this delivers half of what it promises then I think I will love it. To give you a taste of the action check out this interview:

I will keep you posted once this starts to pick up momentum.  The closed BETA started on the 15th September 2010, not sure yet when it will be available, but watch this space for further info.


Diablo III

This is the highly anticipated third release in the series from Blizzard and there is a lot of excitement building.  So far we still have no idea on the release date or even when this game will enter a BETA of some sort.  Blizzard are slowly building up the features within their website, which is worth a check if you haven’t already been there.

The gameplay is dungeon crawler style and some people find this repetitive, but they are combating this by making the skills interesting and involved and making the scenery more interactive than in the previous versions.

Expect a more detailed look at this game in future “Games Watch” episodes.


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