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It really is addictive

Sunday, October 24th, 2010
Minecraft has me and wont let me go...

Save me from myself

Well I’m four days into my Minecraft experience and it really is the most additive thing I have ever played.

I found myself playing beyond midnight again last night which is completely unknown for me as I start to fall asleep around 10ish (its my age), ask anyone who has seen me run off a cliff fast asleep in Borderlands or off a building in Left 4 Dead. There was one time during a long Star Trek Online mission where I actually ran off a cliff, respawned, then did it again, completely oblivious. It was only because Ame “kindly” reminded me of how the party was rolling about laughing at me that I was even aware of it.

I’m not really sure what the basis of the addiction is.  I think it has something to do with there being a lack of game phases. There is no mission to complete so there isnt a lull in the gameplay for people to discuss if they are “up for another one”.  For example last night I started with the idea of a wall of glass looking out over the ocean, this was followed half way through with anoteher idea to have a glass floor and then another to let water into my home for a calming sound effect.  All the while Ame was franticly clicking away on her PC too.

Next thing I know I have gone way past my stringently enforced bedtime and I have a monster headache (I’ll get back to you on whether this is Minecraft or whether its because I have man flu).

I don’t know if this Minecraft addiction is going to last, it could be just one of my 3 or 4 week fads. I’m starting to miss Guild Wars, so I will likely be back to normal soon.

Lets just hope I don’t start playing multiplayer too.  I’m more than a little scared.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010


I resisted for a while, which is quite good for me, but eventually I have fallen to my virtual Doom and bought Minecraft. I kept telling myself how addictive can it really be, its just a casual Doom style lookalike with a bit of crafting.

OMG I was so wrong. For those that don’t know about MineCraft, there is one rule “At night Monsters come”, so your whole gameplay is governed by how light it is and your first day must consist of digging yourself a little cave and trying to find a way of lighting it.

I was in complete panic as the sun went down as I was unable to find coal to make a torch. My research had informed me that monsters could spawn anywhere that there was no light, so I was sweating in the corner of my makeshift cave wondering how I would make it through the night.

Somehow I survived and onwards and upward I started to create my cave empire, a game that keeps me up beyong 10pm is a serious problem, particularly when I’m up again at 5:30am to carry on.

I actually have real life stuff to do at the moment, cause I’m getting married next week, so I have to hold back on this as much as I can.

Then there’s my hall of monuments in Guild Wars as well…. HELP!!!!


Boyz in a Hood

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Beware of the hoodies

Had an absolute blast last night on the latest Left4Dead 2 mutation “Hunting Party”. This is basically the normal campaign but with only hunters as the special infected.

It was madness with three hunters at a time dive bombing us. The party consisted of myself, Ame and our good friends Mango and X. It was a night full of screams and friendly fire as the hunters had us panicking several times.

This is one of the best mutations I have played and I highly recommend it, particularly with friends.


Hall of Monuments

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Arenanet have done an evil thing…

They have taken what was already a total obsession of mine and turned it into a life threatening problem.

As anyone who knows me will realise I’ve racking up the Guild Wars hours for about 9 months now and I’ve been really enjoying my time.  One of the main attractions of Guild Wars has been the number of hours I have been playing alongside Ame.  This game really makes it easy to team up with your friends and have a laugh.  We have now completed the first part of Guild Wars (Prophesies) and moved on to Factions and Nightfall, then following this we have Eye of the North expansion.

Anyway, to get to my point I had a lot of gameplay to go and I’ve also been looking forward to the release of Guild Wars 2.  I was only talking to Ame about this the other week and we were both hoping that we don’t run out of content before the release of Guild Wars 2, or we might have to go get another game to keep us happy in the interim.

Then, all hell broke lose last week with the release of this blog from Arenanet  This simple reward calculator has changed the face of Guild Wars forever.  We are now faced with a huge challenge to get as many rewards in place before the release of Guild Wars 2.  It not just Ame and I that have been effected by this either, certain areas of the game are now crowded with players and there seems to be a real buzz in the Guild Wars Community.

I’ll just give my Boss a ring and let him know that I have a life threatening problem and can I take 6 months to a year off work. :)


PS. If you don’t know anything about Guild Wars 2 yet, shame on you, get researching the most anticipated MMO of 2011.

Getting to know an old friend

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

My gaming platform over the last few years has been the PC and my games have been mostly shooter or role playing games, but years ago I was a huge fan of football games.  I played both the FIFA and PES series of games on the Playstation platforms and really enjoyed the experience of taking my favourite team (Leeds Uniuted) into the finals of various competitions.

I’ve not played any sporting games since I moved to gaming on the PC, mainly because the PC sports games have been lagging way behind their console counterparts.  This changed recently with the release of FIFA11.  Now the gap between the PC version and the console versions has been narrowed and the features are almost the same.

So I decided to renew an old friendship and get my hands on FIFA 11 just last weekend.  What can I say, its freaking awesome, the gameplay is now much more enjoyable than it used to be. The thrill of scoring a goal from outside the box is still there, but now it is sooo much more.

You can create a virtual pro character that starts as a lowly reserve player and works his way up to the first team and then international as well as entering loads of different league competitions. There is a nice achievements in game sticker book for the single player game and there are plenty of online opponents to stretch your skills to the max.

If you like football I highly recommend FIFA11, even if you have never played a footie game in your life the amateur setting will be easy enough to experience the thrills.


Games Watch #1

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Welcome to the first episode of Games Watch.  This will be a regular feature of the blog and contain the games that have not yet been released but have caught our eye.


I’m really excited by the potential of this game.  This is an action RPG game that’s built upon the “Source Engine” from Valve.  Its a free to download and free to play MMO, but unlike other MMO’s its engine is very action oriented, so this means fast paced combat and destructible scenery.

If this delivers half of what it promises then I think I will love it. To give you a taste of the action check out this interview:

I will keep you posted once this starts to pick up momentum.  The closed BETA started on the 15th September 2010, not sure yet when it will be available, but watch this space for further info.


Diablo III

This is the highly anticipated third release in the series from Blizzard and there is a lot of excitement building.  So far we still have no idea on the release date or even when this game will enter a BETA of some sort.  Blizzard are slowly building up the features within their website, which is worth a check if you haven’t already been there.

The gameplay is dungeon crawler style and some people find this repetitive, but they are combating this by making the skills interesting and involved and making the scenery more interactive than in the previous versions.

Expect a more detailed look at this game in future “Games Watch” episodes.